Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting high from sawdust? ORLY?

Head down to your local native furniture place. Ask if they do their own wood milling, or if not, where they get it from. Whichever source, pose as a super-cheap waste removal company and offer to take away their sawdust en masse. Do your research so you're far cheaper then anyone else in Perth. That way, you can get, like twenty kilos of raw sawdust for about five bucks. Karri dust is what we're here for, because it's lignin can yeild raw syringaldehyde. So, get as much kiln-dried Karri sawdust as possible, and with anything else, burn it, bury it, or press it into peat and sell it to garden stores. Now, for those of you overseas, there are several species of eucaplyptus found in the U.S and Europe which also can be used, but Karri's my favourite so that's what I'm doing here.

With the karri lignin, we need oxidise the crap out of it. Preferred method here is with nitrobenzene and alkali. Simple step, bake that shit in the oven until it's thoroughly dry, oxidise and just clean up the mush and extract the resulting syringaldehyde, which is roughly 5% of the dry weight.

Methylate the free phenolic group on syring. with either dimethyl sulfide and KOH (for large scale synths) or diazomethane (for nano). if you didn't fuck up, this will give you 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzaldehyde. Keeping the rxn hot, say about 70*C can net you as good as 60% yield. Next phase is a Kindler/Peschke with bisulfite, giving us 3,4,5-TMB Cyanohydrin, which we reflux with acetic anhydride to give us the acetate salt.

This sounds complicated - And it is. If you're too dumb to know what I'm talking about, you're too dumb to do it. That being said, Any chem major could pull this particular reaction off, and I'm sure there must be at least one of you out there in the interwobs.

With this for our starter, we condense the substituted benzaldehyde with malonic acid and reduce the resulting cinnamic acid. Finally, a Hoffman degradation is performed on the trimethoxyphenylpropionamide, yielding 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine, aka, mescaline.

With optimum yields, you should be able to get about THIRTY GRAMS of pure mescaline from 10 kilos of sawdust. That's one garbage bag full, in exchange for a moetherfucking OUNCE of pure, perceptive peyote, which is 200 full-blown hallucinatory doses.

Mescaline is nifty stuff. it's like taking reality, and exaggerating it about a zillion times. Perfect for meditation, transcendations or just some serious soul-searching. It's a lovely drug to go to highschool on.

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President Smoosh said...

Just a little reply to your comment about how mescaline is a lovely drug to go to high school on -- Yes it IS . . .

Now, wether you meant it to be sarcastic or not, I did do a lot of mesacaline and acid in high school. I liked mescaline better. Although the LSD I took was good blotter type ("Chill Pills") and had a clean feeling with no back-pain or sour taste in my mouth (or ever a bad-trip), mescaline had this cleaner feeling, maybe even a little more "natural".

I don't really know why it felt more natural, I can only say that it seemed more organic, and made me feel more . . .errrr . . 3-dimensional I guess. Mescaline seemed to make my surroundings more deeper, more heavier, more - dimesional-ier, and made me feel more a part of my surroundings than good acid did. Acid made me see brilliant patterns, colors, and even beautiful life revelations in my mind, but mescaline made me feel more at one with nature, along with the other obvious LSD-like qualitites such as heavy laughter, that building-up phase in my tummy before the peak came -- all that good stuff.

Double-barrel purple microdots, that's what was going around back then. Red ones too for a while. Mescaline took longer to start feeling, about an hour, hour-and-a half as opposed to the 35-45 minutes for acid. It gave me a different taste in my mouth too. A good one. Almost sweet. Mescaline made colors more richer and more solid I think, everything was just more intense of not more swirly and patterny and melty like LSD. . . . But I swear to you, I have not seen mescaline since 1986

Yeah I'm old. But indeed it really WAS fun to trip off of it in high school, although I wish I'd actually tried to do my school work a bit more. I probably would have done great with all the mind-expanding qualities of tripping. But I was too young and was in it for the laughter and the "Wow!" factor. Oh, and "perma-grin". . .

It wasn't untill a year or so out of high school and out of my childhood home when I got a hold of a 100-sheet of unbelievably clean and potent "Album Covers" (4-way), that I started to really experience tripping on my own terms, without the structure of having to live by a schedule either in school, or at home with the parents. Tripping as a young adult was life-changing.

But man, did I LOVE mescaline. Wish I studied chemistry, because I would then be able to make some sense of your writings. As it stands now - I could never attempt anything you've written, although I would love to. Just too damn old to learn the basics and learn all the little ins-and-outs of chemistry and reactions and all that, I'm 40 and have to work for a living.

But your writing about your chemistry, you really seem like you love what you do, like it's part of your overall existence. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Chemist. I was really interested in all the cool looking blue and red chemicals with smoke boiling over the rims of the beakers that I saw on cartoons and other TV shows. Untill I encountered Math. Just couldn't get the hang of Algebra, so from then on anything to do with Math wasn't my "bag". So I never made it to Chemistry.

Chemistry (and I see it in your blogs), makes me think of controling all the elements of the Earth. Really though, like you have power to create and mutate and heal, the abilty to make wonderful mind-expanding drugs, things that make life easier like bug-spray or anti-freeze, or life-saving concoctions like Penecillan or Xanax (life-saving for ME anyways).

I envy you , I wish I had the patience and mind-set when I was younger to get into Chemistry. You weild such power. I have the pateince and abilty to concentrate and learn now. But TIME is what I don't have, it takes much, much time to master any type of critical work like you do with Chemistry. It is a truly dangerous thing to do if one knows not what they are doing -- right?

I have the pateince and capability now, like I said, to learn anything I want, but that was after years of learning things the hard way - from the School of Hard Knocks. Ever been there??

Anyways, I am very interested in your blog, and besides the technical Chemistry aspect, you talk about alot of the stuff I think about.

Some day I really would like to be able to make some real safe shit, safe GOOD shit - to share with my friends so they don't have to buy crap. Untill then, I'll enjoy reading your blog.