Dogs and such, they don't really know their age. They don't have to go to work, or learn to drive a car. They just keep on barking until they eyes get grey and misty, their legs grow weak and the bark ain't got no bite. So now we have the new bastard - A young, fresh top dog settling in at Kirribilli house, the old one finally pushed out.

Throw me some kero and that little pampered puppy's pen is gonna get doused.

Rich, miserable louts. You made my home a target for terrorists. We create the wealth - and then we see you not sharing it. Soon enough, you'll be staring down the barrel of some pissed off youths - If you hypocrites were on fire they wouldn't piss on you.

They saw you and your cronies all rorting the system, so they rort the dole and asked what's the fuckin difference? It's only a couple of million (not counting the super), anything below that and they don't want to hear about it.

Once you get above fifty gees, they start listening, and ususally send a government-funded accountant in to examine your books, like the ones who made a molehill out of Packer's mountains. So for six years counting, I haven't paid a cent. HECS debt alone meant I couldn't pay the rent half the time.

A buddy of mine - He rode the elevator to the seventh floor. Sweaty palms, collar tight as he walked into the board room. He was trying to look convincing in his ill-fitting suit (it was the one his father had worn, so it was starting to look a little shabby). He took his place before the panel for the job interview. The question game begins - "Now how could you contribute?" he can't tell them the truth - That he's only here for the loot - So he plays nontheless, tells them what they want to hear, 'bout how the advertised appointment was his dream job.

This office monkey, he got the job. Grey partition, grey desk, grey suit, grey hair, grey position.
Then came the great hustle - he had the promos in the post. Stayed back after hours photocopying the flyers for gigs. Long distance phone calls, international faxes All organising, networking, and keeping the underground going. But soon enough, his actions caught his manager's eye. Written warning, last chance. He was put on probation.

"Fine. Fire me." He said. "But think about whose piece you're taking, when you lay back and take the pay packet."

Look me in the eye and say you never saw it coming. We stand tall but my minimum wage keeps cutting - You wedge me in and expect me to watch you keep cutting, closer and closer to the poverty line.

You can consider this a tribute to the shit that you pay - You can have your caviar, man, I'll keep my crumbs. So bang your hand drum, take production offshore. You never know when the local populace will get fed up.

You're wanting me to be loyal to this?
This bullshit name paying me this short change?

keep dreaming, fat cat. The longer your eyes are shut the closer we get before the truth hits you.

A dog's day dawns.