Thursday, September 25, 2008

Play god and fuck robots: The world is changing.

If a guy has a prosthetic leg, is he still human?

Sure. It still does the same job, right? Does what you tell it to, walks fine?

What if he had two prosthetic legs? Artificial arms? A plastic heart? Carbon fibre bones? Silicone neurons?

Where do you stop being human?

I don't think you ever do. You could put a human mind into an entirely artificial body, and that person would still be a person.

You could download a mind out of it's eminently crappy, poorly designed squishy meatsack and into a seriously useful, functionally immortal artificial form.

I'm a dirty bastard and a moral vacuum, but my mind is something unique. So my objective is to slowly but surely, convert myself into a six armed biomechanical man-spider. Those parts I can't recreate in titanium, ceramic and silicon, I will bioengineer better versions out of stem cells - I will, for all intents and purposes, be the pinnacle of intelligent design. This of course will make me effectively the god of transhumanism, and therefore the son as well. All I need now is to nail some way of quantiying the postbiological electric field you humans call a 'soul' and I can amalgamate the holy ghost into my cold iron skeleton.

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paradox said...

you speak of when does he stop being human why are you only talking about flesh and blood what of his mind ...when someone becomes so warped and twisted that they feel nothing completely and utterly desensitize im not referring to animal instinct and acting on impulse i mean when they are fully aware of what they are doing and of the repercussions that said act is likely to bring yet they do it anyway when they are sitting there feeding on the insides of a 5 year old little girl and they feel nothing are they human then? or are they more human than the rest of us