Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When the war ends, I’ll be able to stand up and shout my name.

Because I fucking fought.

When they tried to stop me from buying a bottle of baby formula without signing my name, I fought.

When I couldn't get cough and cold pills without a driver's license, I fought.

When picking up a bag or orcho for my citrus trees meant signing a BATF disclosure form and giving them my thumb-print, I fought.

It doesn't matter that I was using them to make meth, military explosives or biological weapons. The fact that these legislation even exists shows ignorance from a bunch of fat-arsed beaurocrats trying to make an extra buck. What they don't realise is that by taking a different path and forgetting the old FEAR, they could make an extra FIVE bucks!

90% of ALL drug problems are caused by impure agent, lack of controlled environment, or clandestine activity.

Divert that confiscated load of No.2 Chinesw White from the incinerator to the lab, wash it with anhydrous methanol, slap a 2% sales tax on it and retail at the pharmacy for $5 a gram. Bam. Instant billion-dollar revenues, and the crime problem clears up overnight.

Remove the waste-of-time drug education programs from school and get a qualified pharmacologist doing a lecture circuit, not ten dollar an hour public school teacher sheeple parroting the same tired, pedantic bullshit the government provided without questioning.

Get an EFFECTIVE rehabiliation chemical like naloxone, or ibogaine. Methadone is just less fun, and more damaging.

Approve MORE chemical trials for popular street drugs like MDMA with possible legitimate psychological uses. What if the next drug you quash turns out to decoagulate alzhemic proteins? You'll never fucking know because you were too scared of the kids and their new-fangled pills.

Control the pills. Tax the pills. Make the pills, clean the pills. Get rid of all the PMA and d,l bullshit and start packing 100mg bumps of molly in time-release glycoprotein. Have a recognised government operative, or licensed seller in a transient drug-mobile that rolls around to the raves to make sure people can get cheap, legal and SAFE highs without resorting to GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE in that crumbly little speckled bikkie.

What about you? Were you one of the ones who just lay the fuck down and accepted EVERYTHING they told you? Or worse, did you take the bullshit and spread it on the new flowers, fertilising them with lies, and seeding them with deceit.

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