Friday, September 5, 2008

It's a beautiful world.

Faced with everything from concrete and radio antennae to charred flesh still dotted with the white phosphorous pellets thrown from above, it's hard not to laugh.

Laughing at the governments desperately scrabbling for control over nations so far gone over the edge it's a wonder they can even breathe through the sickly layer of meth, vomit and ammunition choking the cities.

Laughing at the kids going to school bright-faced and happy, when the statistics show that if we continue at this rate, one of their class, if they're very lucky, will live a life with a happy family and a steady job. The rest will die of a drug overdose, live on the streets, or in federally-funded housing projects with a dozen other chunks of human detritus crammed into the same, tiny broom-cupboard apartments.

Laughing because this is the first decade where people have openly stated that it's all downhill from here - That the next ten years will be worst then the previous ten.

Laughing at the cigarette that just fell from your fingers, because you know there's another 20 in your pocket and a store on every corner carrying hundreds more.

Laughing at the 17 year old student in beijing who doused his schoolmate in gasoline and burnt him to dust because of a World of Warcarft dispute.

Laughing, because it's the only goddamn thing you can do to keep from crying.

Fuck it. laugh at yourself, America, because you're a nation of fat fucks on a sinking ship, and I'm sitting back on my nearby, economically stable but smaller ship, and watching all the rats fleeing the burning craft for the momentary safety of the waters in-between the systems. The cracks that pennies fall into.

And I'm gonna sit here, smoke a cigarette, and then take a lighter to the fuel spilt across the surface of the water, and watch all you fucking rats burn to scraggly hanks of bone and scorched hair, plague-ridden blood boiling and bursting from your arteries until I can run my fingers through it and use it to wash my hands in.

Fifteen hundred kilos of ammonium nitrate and nitromethane, intimately mixed in a fuel tanker says 'Don't fuck with me, jackasses'.

But it's a pity it's had to come to that point in time, where actions speak volumes, and words speak lies.

So grab a pack of smokes, grab a rifle and grab your balls because you never know when it's all gonna come tumbling the FUCK down.

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