Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Supermarket chemical weapons? Why not.

I recently saw these new air freshner devices that use a piezoelectric disc to vaporize a minute amount of aromatic oil to "freshen" the air for up to (according to the package) 60 DAYS! at the minimal setting.

The cost is less than 10 dollars and they run off of a AA battery.

Now, how to apply this...

Since the the oil container is replaceable, and contains over an ounce of fluid, how about substituting chloropicrin?

This isn't intended as a weapon per-se, more like a means of preventing someone from occupying an area that you wish to remain vacant, only without the hassle of explosives or nasty poisons that'll leave a body or attract attention with a swarm of flies. (eewww!)

I had in mind an abandoned house that you might occassionaly use as a lab, but don't want to risk homeless trash finding your stash.

Or perhaps an abandoned industrial site that you'll use for testing devices, but don't want occupied in the meantime?

These tiny devices would be placed around the site, indoors of course, and create an atmosphere that would be untenable for more than a few minutes at most, as the vapor concentration would gradually build up over time if totally enclosed.

When you're ready for using the place for yourself, you won't have to bother with tedious decontamination, as you'd simply go in (with gas-mask or large, clear, plastic bag over your head), disconnect the batteries, and let the place air out for an hour.

Given the minute amount that's been dispersed in a highly volatile vapor form, there'd be nothing to really soak into the wood/concrete that'd make it a persistant irritant.

And given that it was bought from a supermarket in the first place, I've decided to use Chloramine, as I can produce it extremely simply.

As a CW agent it is a powerful irritant from the group of pulmonary agents. It causes lachrymation, vomiting, oedema and bronchitis; the injury can be fatal. Very low concentrations cause burning sensation of the eyes, which may serve as a warning. Because of its relative inertness and the small size of its molecule, chloropicrin penetrates gas mask filters and activated. It then causes vomiting, which makes the victim remove the gas mask. For this reason, it is often mixed with other agents to form a binary yummy device, so you pull off your mask to hurl or choke and get a lungful of Soman. Fun for the whole family.

Chloramine (NH2Cl) is an easy bastard to produce, people do it accidentally all the time.

2NH4OH + Ca(ClO)2 --> 2NH2Cl + 2H2O + Ca(OH)2

And for those of you out of the chemistry loop, that's

Ammonia cleaner + Bleach ---> Nasty corrosive solution + Chloramine gas

Hell, even accidentally mixing bleach with stale urine (like when cleaning a bathroom) will release the stuff.

So a stoichiometric ratio of the two, if we assume 25% ammonia, would mean that we need

.77 ml 25% AmH
3.34 grams CaHypCl

To produce about five litres of gas. Easily enough to kill an entire rom full of people, if they have the doors and windows closed (as we do at my school usually, wink wink).

One of these atomizers is about five bucks, and a bottle and bag of ammonia and bleach will set me back about seven, tops.

More cheap thrills and kills.

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