Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life is hard. Death, on the other hand, is incredibly easy.

Dimethylmercury, a clear liquid, is toxic ("LD50 FOR METHYLMERCURY (MEHG) INJECTED INTO YOLK SAC OF CHICK EMBRYOS ON DAY 5 OF INCUBATION WAS 40-50 UG."), persistent but volatile, water soluble and will instantly pass through fat, oils, rubber, kevlar, cotton or nylon and latex. Meaning that anything you wear cannot protect you short of cocooning yourself in epoxy resin.

As a concerned citizen, of course, I'm concerned that this poison could be used on me by someone I don't know and who the police would be unable to link to me, and who would be several months gone by the time I died. Assuming they covered their tracks, It would be astonishingly difficult to track them down, as the only route available to detectives would be to find out who could perform a synthesis, or who had access to the precursors. And I'm sure they'd have been competent enough to have covered their tracks.

A poison like this is valuable because it seems to take so much time to get the job done. Sure it may be detectable, but will the cops be able to determine when the exposure happened 3 months down the road? Not likely. The poisoning would long since have faded from the minds of victum and witnesses alike. Food products could be randomly poisoned and they would long since have been eaten, thrown away, and forgotton months later leaving nothing for the investigaters to go on.

Imagine if you will a person with a water bottle filled with dimethylmercury don at Subi Oval. He has an aisle seat high up, one of the cheap seats. He opens his water bottle and tips it over. The liquid gushes out and starts the slow climb down the steps. 1 liter, maybe 2, flowing like a tiny stream down step after step. There it sits and vaporizes. Hundreds climb these stairs over the course of the next few hours. The fumes linger, invisable, odorless, harmless... until months later when people start turning up dead without any connection.

A student on the last day of classes spills his "Mountain Dew" right in the entrance to the canteen line minutes before lunchtime. The spill is ignored as the sudents pour in to reach their seats and wait in line to get their food. Hundreds walk through the spill getting it on their shoes and spreading it all over the lunchroom. Withing 30 minutes the entire area is filled with denser-then-air fumes, hundreds have been exposed to toxic levels of dimethylmercury. By the end of the day the chemical has been spread into every classroom, onto every student; thousands could be exposed, but none will know. The summer draws to a close, many students are away at college, then they start to die.

The repairman, clad in boilersuit with toolbox, flashes his ID and is let into the service elevator for a major skyscraper. He places a shallow, flat dish in the airconditioning inlet and the tasteless, colourless volatile vapour is drawn into every room in the building. Two weeks later, two thousand office workers in Perth die, bringing the economy to a standstill.

A suicide trooper strolls into the front entrance of Charles Gardiner hospital or a police station, 'drunk' and raving. He trips, spilling his bottle of goon, he runs off when medicos try to help him onto a stretcher. Dimethylmercury is also soluble in alcohol, by the way. He repeats this at every precinct in the city. This goes on for weeks, the suicide trooper goes everywhere cops are. Thousands of the infirm are poisoned, and he himself is overcome with the poison. He crawls off to die and is forgotton. Months later thousands of police officers are striken down. Chaos reins as drug lords and petty crooks rise up to take advantage of the lack of police. Murders, rapes, robberies, arsons... The national guard is called out, the city is shut down, the government is placed on high alert. Every police force in the country is stricken with fear, are they next?

Multiply this by 10 or even 100. Suicide troops visiting every ballgame, every football game, every basketball game. Suicide troops visiting the common rooms of major universities, UWA, Curtin, Murdoch, Notre Dame. Suicide troops visiting every major police station or office block. They could even visit the lunchrooms of NASA, Boeing, Los Alamos, Ford, GM, Microsoft, Intel, and all of the fortune 500 boardrooms and offices.

Maybe they won't kill that many, but the sheer amount of terror inflicted on this country would paralyze the nation. Our sporting events attacked means no more sports, or large gatherings, attacks at universities would mean our nations greatest minds are in jeporady, an attack on our nations greatest corporations would send stocks plummeting and our economy into such a death spiral that it may take 10 years to emerge from.

Dimethylmercury is remarkably simple to procure, a simple displacement reaction being all that is needed, for example:

2CH3Li + HgI2 ===> (CH3)2Hg + 2LiI

Methyl lithium and mercuric iodide both being unrestricted precursors, and relatively simple to improvise at home.

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